The Stylista Program

Clos-ette Too, the premiere organizational accessories line that delivers couture closets at cut-rate prices, wants to help organizational entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Apply to partner with Clos-ette Too as a Stylista today!

What is a Clos-ette Too Stylista?

Simply put, a Clos-ette Too Stylista is a representative of Clos-ette Too who sells our products—including our cult-favorite hangers and signature jewelry cases—at an exclusive discount. Only Clos-ette Too Stylistas will have access to our enhanced “how-to” tools of closet organization, design and style, which will help you further monetize and grow client bases.

Clos-ette Too Stylistas will NOT be obligated to buy and hold inventory. Instead, we do that for you, making it easier for individual sellers to manage a new revenue stream without risk. The Clos-ette Too Stylista community is meant to enhance your existing brand and build your business, not burden you with costly buy-ins.

Additionally, Clos-ette Too wants to help fund, promote and bring your product ideas to market! We’re looking for assets that help people organize with style. Only Clos-ette Too Stylistas will have the opportunity to submit proposals.

If you are a professional organizer, a closet organizer, a stylist or an interior designer who has got what it takes to sell socially: Consider partnering with Clos-ette Too today!

How it works

Right now, Clos-ette Too provides Stylistas with:

  • A selling kit, which includes product samples.
  • A bound product book, which will contain both wholesale and retail pricing. Stylists also receive the catalog via PDF for use on digital devices.
  • A personalized discount code, which enable Stylistas to offer clients 10% off and allow us to track sales.
  • Resources and support as needed.

In time, Clos-ette Too will provide more and more tools to help Stylistas grow and promote their businesses:

  • New customers: The ability to take advantage of our already-thriving and ever-growing online community through an interactive US map pinpointing Stylistas by zip code.
  • New marketing venues: Clos-ette Too will promote personal websites free of charge provided sales quotas are met. Senior Stylistas will have the opportunity to be a part of the press Clos-ette Too receives.
  • New exclusive organizational tools: Clos-ette Too is developing digital applications that will enable Stylistas (only!) to virtually build the closet of her client's dreams, modeled almost instantaneously and on real specs.

Three ways to start growing your business today!

  1. Sell Clos-ette Too products to your existing client base. Do what you do best: Style and organize closets and storage spaces! Now, also offer the best, most affordable luxury design products on the market.
  2. Create a Clos-ette Too-sponsored trunk show. A great way to make multiple sales quickly, seek out a clothing, interiors, accessories or consignment store, which will welcome and promote you and Clos-ette Too.
  3. Throw a purge party. Gather together a group of friends or clients to bring clothes for swapping and donating. This kind of social edit usually inspires people to get organized and invest in products that will keep them on track. Clos-ette Too hint: Hold the party at a client's home—before-and-after “wows” are built right in!

Apply today to join the Clos-ette Too team and start organizing with style, build your business and get even more out of what you love to do, right now!

We can't wait for you to join us. Here's to our shared success!